GV907 Political Economy (Graduate, Essex)

This is a graduate course on political economy. The course bridges together topics in international relations, comparative political economy, and economics. The goals of the course are to (a) introduce students to contemporary scholarly research on political economy topics, (b) introduce students to strategic models in political science using substantive applications, and (c) stimulate students to form original ideas for promising quantitative research projects in the area of contemporary political economy. 


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Weekly Materials: 
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Week 1
Political Economy and Institutions
Week 2
Interest Groups and Lobbies --Trade
Week 3
Democracy, Regime Type and Trade
Week 3 (continued)
The Political Economy of Regimes
Week 4
Voting, Enfranchisement, and Regimes
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Presidential and Parliamentary Democracy
Week 9
Week 10
Political Turnover and Financial Markets
Week 11
Week 12
Institutions and Commitment
Week 13
Exchange Rate Regimes
Week 14
International Finance and Capital mobility
Week 15
Intra-Party Politics
Week 16
Week 17
Central Banks
Week 18
International Institutions
Week 19
Sovereign Borrowing, Debt, and Financial Crises
Week 20
Opposition to Globalization